• Jimmyjane for the Luxury Toybox

    Romantic and racy waterproof vibrators made with body-safe and Phthalate-free materials. 

    Jimmyjane's award-winning pleasure objects combine luxury and functional design to redefine traditional sex toys.

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  • YES® Organic Personal Lubricants

    Change your world from the inside with the YES® line of certified organic lubricants that free you from compromise.

    Enhance and replenish moisture with this rich natural formula free of parabens, skin irritants, petrochemicals, propolyene glycol, silicone oils, gylcerin and arginine.

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  • DuoFertility for Assisted Natural Conception

    Developed by UK fertility experts from Cambridge University, DuoFertility is the leading fertility monitor which combines advanced software with wireless technology, for a natural and effective alternative to fertility treatments and IVF. 

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  • GLYDE Premium Certified Vegan & Fair Trade Condoms

    Silky. Sensual. Sustainable. GLYDE is the first certified ethical, vegan & Fair Trade condom brand crafted for quality and performance.  

    With three tailored sizes and five juicy organic flavors GLYDE is the natural choice for the caring consumer.

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  • Eco-friendly. Happy. Period.

    Designed for comfort and convenience with respect for your body and the environment, DivaCup is the revolutionary eco-friendly reusable feminine hygiene alternative.

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  • Leaf Touch Vibrator

    Do what comes naturally with eco-friendly Leaf vibrators. Leaf's sensual designs are created for passion, inspired by nature.

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