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Over the past several years I have experienced menstrual irregularities off and on but I prefer not to take birth control pills to regulate my cycle. Although I used the pill between pregnancies (I am a mother of two) I always felt better when I was off the pill and just can’t bring myself to take it again. While I am making the transition to natural family planning I would love to know which natural methods (herbs or supplements) that would help to regulate my cycle. Thanks!


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When a woman chooses the option of natural family planning, and would like to encourage her body to return to a normal rhythm of menstrual cycles without the influence of drugs and the synthetic hormones that are included in birth control pills, she might choose to research natural herbal supplements that were designed by doctors specifically for this purpose, like those offered on this site.

Having regular cycles doesn't automatically mean that ovulation will also be in regular intervals however, so having a method of knowing precisely when ovulation is occurring, and knowing with reassuring  accuracy the length of the entire fertile cycle is the most natural method of family planning. There are basal temperature measuring devices, like the Lady-Comp, that can predict ovulation and the fertile cycle with an accuracy rate of 99.3% which might be a great option for you.

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